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Affordable Professional Pet Clinic

As a caring dog or cat owner, you want to make sure your pet receives the appropriate care while still saving money.

You do not have to pay for overpriced services in order to receive the highest quality of care your pet needs. In fact, overpriced veterinary services can reduce the value of your pet’s care because you may be able to afford only the minimum amount of care at those prices!

At ABC Pet Clinic in San Ramon, we work a little differently. We have competitive, low prices while still providing the highest-quality medical and veterinary services for your pet. Our vet, Dr. Raj, is experienced, knowledgeable, and very efficient when it comes to diagnosing and treating animals.

Vaccines Are Easy at Our Pet Clinic

Do you dread taking your pet to the vet for vaccinations? Vaccinations are one of the most common health needs that all pets and their owners experience.

We understand your needs when it comes to making your vet visits as convenient, quick, and efficient as possible. We offer vaccine appointments at our San Ramon facility every Wednesday and Saturday so you can come when it is convenient for you, during the week or on the weekend.

Give us a call to schedule your visit so your pet is vaccinated! We make shots as easy and painless as possible for your pet.

Your Partner in Pet Care

Are your pets like a part of your family? Do you want to better understand their needs to provide them the best care possible? At ABC Pet Clinic, that is our goal, too. We genuinely care about your beloved animal as if it were our own and we want to help it enjoy a lifetime of health and a long relationship with you.

We also want to help you care for your pet and understand what is going on with it. Our highly professional veterinarian does not just treat your pet and walk away. He will sit down with you and explain exactly what is going on. You can ask questions and be the ultimate decision maker when it comes to your pet’s health. In this way, we are simply like an educated and understanding partner in your pet’s health.

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